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Contacting a Child/Teacher During School

Classroom Communication Procedures

There may be times when you need to communicate with your child during the school day. If an emergency arises, we will make sure we get a message to your child; however, classes cannot be interrupted for routine messages. Classroom teaching time is a valuable and a limited resource. Classroom interruptions take away from the educational experience of all students.

Forgotten Lunches

Forgotten lunches will be kept in the front office. The lunch must have the student’s name and teacher’s name or grade written on the lunch bag or taped to the lunch box. Students should be told to check for their forgotten lunch at the beginning of lunch time.

Suggestion: Keep enough money in your student’s lunch account so that your child will be comfortable in knowing that they can charge a lunch if you are unable to make or bring one due to an unforeseen conflict.

Forgotten Instruments

Musical instruments that are dropped off after the start of school will be placed right outside the office for students to pick up on their way to music class. Please help build the routine of having students come to school on music day prepared with their instruments in hand.

Homework Due to Absences

We cannot interrupt classes to request homework for a sick child. Teachers will give the necessary makeup work to your child after a one day absence. Each day a child is absent the teachers will put assignments aside that the child will need to make up. Each teacher may have a different way of organizing those materials. Parents may request to pick the work up after school. If not picked up, the work will be sent home with the child on the first day they return.

In primary grades the missed worked is due within one week. For our upper grade students homework is due on the day following the number of absences. For example, if a student is absent 2 days, work is due on the 3rd day after they return. To request make-up work due to a longer illness:

  • Leave a voicemail or email the teacher with the child’s name and the expected dates of absence.
  • Please allow 24 hours for the teacher to prepare the homework.
  • Pick up work in the front office the day after the request is made.

Changes in After-School Pickup/Daycare

Please make carpooling and pickup arrangements before school starts. Your child will feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing the arrangements before school begins.

We will only contact students with changes in an emergency.

Birthday Treats

Birthday celebrations should be conducted outside of school hours and birthday invitations may not be distributed at school; however, students who want to share a small snack with their class may do so.

  • Contact the teacher at least two days in advance, by voicemail or email. This is essential because of the number of students with food allergies who will need an alternative way to participate.
  • Bring the snacks to the teacher before school.
  • Be sure to include a napkin for each child.
  • Please do not bring any balloons or decorations.