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Reflections Program

Important Notes

  • Entry forms must be submitted in ink and be legible!
  • Please submit 2 copies of the entry form.
  • Materials should be dropped off in the Glenknoll Office by October 14, along with the entry form. Please make sure the entry form is attached so we know what item belongs to who.
  • Questions can be directed to Colleen Wood ([email protected]).

What is Reflections?

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

Participation and appreciation for the arts is the Reflections Program's goal. Although the Reflections Program follows a "contest" format, winning should not be the emphasis.

Participation in the Reflections Program is a great way for students to explore and learn about various art forms. Creating art is a valuable learning process that challenges students to use their critical thinking skills as well as their creative talents to create art that supports a specific theme.

Students may submit an entry in any of the six arts areas listed below. Only original works of art are accepted. Depending on local PTA guidelines, students may enter more than one work of art. The six arts areas are as follows:

  • Literature
  • Musical composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film/Video Production

Participation in the California Reflections program is open to all students.

Show Your Voice: PTA Reflections Theme 2022-23