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Board Members

Role Name Email Address Phone
President Dipesh Garach [email protected] 714-931-2813
Secretary Yesenia Solis [email protected] 323-806-2390
Treasure Amy Moore [email protected] 562-569-5578
Financial Secretary Shawna Marshall [email protected] -
Executive VP TBD - -
Auditor Michelle Sherwood [email protected] 714-319-6276
VP of Fundraising Marcel Galangue [email protected] 714-394-9028
Membership Chair Vanessa Luna [email protected] 213-705-3755
Historian TBD TBD 714-749-3573
VP of Programs Jessica Castellon [email protected] 818-519-9801
Reflections Chair Colleen Wood [email protected] 714-878-7273
Book Fair Chair Jessica Castellon - -
Marecel Galangue - -
Parliamentarian TBD - -
Yearbook Chair TBD - -
Talent Show Julie Wotring [email protected] 714-488-5214
Adriane Campbell [email protected]  
Spelling Bee Colleen Wood [email protected] 714-878-7273
Battle of the Books TBD - -
Spirit Wear Melissa Ruderman [email protected] -

Position Descriptions

President: Responsible for the overall management for the Glenknoll school PTA. Will also run the PTA meetings. The commitment is 5-10 hours a week of time.

Executive VP: Supports the PTA President and fills in for them in the event they are unavailable. The commitment is 2 hours a week of time.

1st VP of Fundraising: Oversee and support all fundraising activities approved by the PTA. The commitment is 2 hours a week of time.

Treasurer: Responsible for the management and accounting of all money raised by PTA. Prepares and maintains the annual and monthly budget. Balances/manages the PTA checking account. The commitment is 6 hours a week of time.

2nd VP of Programs: Organizes family give back nights and other programs as planned by PTA. The commitment is 2 hours a week of time.

Auditor: Performs audits according to PTA by laws. At least twice a year (5-10 hours/audit).

Historian: Responsible for assembling and preserving the records of the PTA. Also assist the President with preparing the annual report. The commitment is 1 hour a week of time.

Note: All PTA Executive Board members are required to attend monthly board meetings for 1 hour.