Glenknoll Elementary School

Dress Code

Guidelines for Appropriate Dress:

It is the intention of the Placentia/Yorba Linda School District and Glenknoll School to encourage good grooming habits, promote safety, and provide a productive learning environment.
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing are required on Physical Education days.
  • A student’s general appearance must not detract from the instructional program.
  • Clothing must be safe and not detract from the instructional program.
  • Pants that are longer than the tops of shoes are not permitted.  Pants may not drag on the ground.
  • Short shorts (mid thigh length or longer is acceptable), bare midriffs, tube tops or backless sundresses, spaghetti straps
  • High heels (more than one inch high), sandals without heel straps or open shoes without socks are NOT permitted.
  • Make-up, extreme jewelry, and extreme hairstyles or colors are not permitted.
  • Anything that promotes or indicates drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or has sexual connotations is not permitted.
  • Sunglasses are permitted for sun protection only.* Unless prescribed by a doctor, they may not be worn indoors or while playing active sports on the playground. Only prescription sunglasses with safety lenses may be worn during PE and during physical activity on the playground. Doctor’s note must be on file in the office.
  • Hats may be worn outdoors for sun-protection. If worn, the bill must be in the front and remain on the head while outside.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

Glenknoll’s consequences for dress code violations are in concert with those of the surrounding schools and Bernardo Yorba Middle School. Examples for inappropriate shorts, pants, shirts, and tops:
1st Offense—Warning and put on a sweatshirt or sweat pants—teacher sends note home.
2nd Offense—Call home/parent to bring change of clothes.
3rd Offense—Above plus Lunch Detention